3D printing result

So I received my first 3D print from sculpteo.com a few weeks back. It’s pretty neat to hold something you’ve created on the computer in the palm of your hand. here it is in all of its tiny glory. You can even order the bust yourself.







3D Printing

I recently began fooling around with digital sculpting and thought wow that looks cool, but I wish I could hold it in my hands. I looked into buying a 3D printer but they are still out of my budget. It also seems that all of the ones I have researched on YouTube are failed prints or have a few bugs like most desktop printers and scanners had in the 90’s. I think I would lose my shit if something was printing for 2 hours and then it had an error. I also have no desire to throw $500 dollars at a so so printer when I can probably get one for half that and more reliable in a year. So I’ve looked online at some companies that will print my creations in a variety of materials, namely shapeways.com and sculpteo.com. I modeled a bust from my imagination in Sculptris and will order the cheapest material print I can get from both companies and see which I prefer. I will use the bust of Sir Reggie below for the prints. On a side note if you live in the Baltimore area and have experience casting things in resin or bronze I would love to learn.